Emergent Dialogue & Focusing

Coming Home to Oneself Sovereignty Mutual Inquiry Collaboration


Focusing Service Demo
DEMO - Ruth Hirsh guiding Catherine Torpey

• Guided Exploration

In a 60 minute session, I'll provide coaching for emergently exploring a difficult situation, making a decision, or navigating a creative project. You'll experience Focusing-style guidance, discover self-empathy, and find next steps in your living according to your personal compass. Typically, a phone call works great - focusing on sound is very embodying. Zoom is also an option.

• Learn Focusing

Focusing is the heart of Emergent Dialogue, a way to dialogue with your Felt Sense and find next steps for 'carrying forward' in your living. Starting with an issue or a background feeling, I provide a guided exploration of your topic as you develop a relationship with the Felt Sense. This is an experiential session, giving you a feel for the 'movements' of Focusing while providing teaching points along the way. Focusing is based on the ground breaking work of Eugene Gendlin, and is a teachable and mediated kind of mindfulness.

• Partnership Mentoring

If you wish to become proficient as a Focuser and Companion, we will set up a training plan which enables you to eventually join the Partnership Pool of the International Focusing Institute (TIFI). Once I certify your Proficiency, you may locate a partner on the TIFI website for free and weekly, mutual support.


Focusing Group Service

• NVC for Existing Groups

Is your community committed to non-violence, but meetings take hours and leave residual tension? Don't settle for 'conflict resolution' when you can have ongoing safety, richer connection, and emotional depth. We'll identify clear process agreements and practice NVC skills that generate inclusion and emotional fluency.

• Facilitator Assistance

Facilitation includes a BIG umbrella of skills and processes that you manage in your group, and your effectiveness may depend on the emotional fluency and mindfulness of its members. Participants have a diversity of complex life experiences, different pacing and learning styles, and 'have done their work' to varying degrees. FIRST, we will explore what skills and agreements might benefit your group, determine your member's capacity for learning, and identify the improvements you would like to see in the group. SECOND, I will guide you experientially through the skills and movements that will support you as your group tries some new practices and agreements. THIRD, and optionally, I am available to assist actual group meetings to teach and/or support Emergent practices as you see fit.