Emergent Dialogue & Focusing

Learn Focusing: to follow a Felt Sense and find wise next steps in your Living.

Learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for emotional intelligence and honesty in your relationships.

Learn Emergence for change-makers and interdependence pioneers: Aliveness, co-creativity, connection.
Emergent Dialogue

Why Focusing?


Why Emergent Dialogue?


What is Focusing?

Focusing is the core of Emergent Dialogue, a way to dialogue with your Felt Sense and let the whole you 'carry forward' in your living, usually around some selected issue, and usually assisted by a companion. It's based on the groundbreaking work of Eugene Gendlin.

What is Emergence?

Derived from Focusing (Gendlin), Nonviolent Comminication (Rosenberg), and council practice (Coyle), I will customize various emergence practices and agreements that support your individual or group objectives. The result is connection, co-creative synergy, and Aliveness.

We usually preceive and relate from Evaluation - what we think we know, and generally from a hierarchical framework. In Emergence, the 'head and heart' are reveresed in priority, entering a more alive, you could say, primordial, way of being. We 'think' from what we DON'T know yet, but can sense its importance. Right away, we begin to feel more at ease and connected, and insights unfold from there.

Emergent Group process might look like this -

Emergent Group Process

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