Emergent Dialogue & Focusing

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About Frank


"So nice to be on the receiving end when I'm putting so much of myself out there. I feel gratitude for your guidance, accompanying presence, not intrusive. You're good at this!"

(Focusing client)

- Ann M. , Therapist, Holland MI

Frank is exploring how Thinking at the Edge brings a constructive energy to group conversations. He combines Focusing and NVC with yoga and meditation and is really good at always bringing conversations back to our bodily felt sense of situations."

(Teacher and collaborator)

- Bea Blake, Focusing Certifying Coordinator and TAE Instructor

Phenomenal stuff. I don't mean just "Focusing" as a concept, more so about the technique of reflecting! Its my first ever conscious interaction with another human/myself without judgment... and it was liberating. An experiential success for me."

(Emergent Dialogue student)

- Aparna V., Architect, Alberta CA

Thank you for your kind and calm demeanor, and for bringing us a new perspective on communication."

(NVC Classes)

- Melissa Fathman, Exec. Director, Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder CO

Frank guided us through a profound experience in Focusing. It was my first time attending a class. The meditation was transcendent and the dialogue enlightening. I came away feeling seen and heard."

(Focusing student)

- Jenean J., Nurse, Santa Fe NM