Emergent Dialogue & Focusing

Coming Home to Oneself Sovereignty Mutual Inquiry Collaboration


Guided Exploration
One-on-one coaching for difficult situations, decisions, and self-understanding.

Partnership Mentoring
Training in Focusing proficiency to acquire a free, weekly Focusing partnership.

Discovery Groups
Assisting Facilitators to learn and provide Emergence Skills to their co-creative group for generating more safety, connection, aliveness, and discovery.

Emergent Dialogue


Living in 'Data' Culture

Do days sometime seem like "too much to process"? Are there perplexing emotional situations in your life that defy resolution? Would you like a way to receive weekly, free nonjudgmental support from a process buddy? Are you longing for the opportunity to explore what's really meaningful and intriguing to you without having to 'have the answers' up front? Do you want more depth in your one-on-one or group interactions, or to have more effective collaboration?

Making Room for Something More

Emergent Dialogue (Em-D) and Focusing are mindfulness skills that you can grok and begin to put into your life. They span the territory from inner relationship, to one-on-one interactions, to group functioning. I have had the privilege of exploring and integrating a variety of spititual, communications, and healing practices. I wish to bring these personal awareness practices into our collective living, and to orient our collective interactions toward mutual personal growth.

Focusing and Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Em-D encompassess what I call teachable skills of presence, derived from Focusing and Nonviolent Communicaion (NVC), which build emotional intelligence, establish healthy boundaries and self-trust (sovereignty), and produce empathic and generative interactions. Ultimately, we can give more freshness and reverence to how Life is emerging in ourselves and in others. We can build faith in the wisdom and compassion underneath our felt experience, even if the strategies need some untangling!